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Purpose/Core Values


Helping young players in our Community have fun and develop baseball skills, while providing them a platform of success that will go beyond their baseball experience.


1.     To be committed that all of our young players have fun playing baseball

2.     To be accountable that all of our young players have the opportunity and support to develop their skills

3.     To take ownership that all players are supported in pursuing their personal goals and aspirations

4.    Through the time commitment by our dedicated volunteers, we will give back to our local community and children by always having the kids needs as a priority


To have our qualified coaches teach our young players how to play the game of baseball the right way, to make a positive impact on them as young men and women and to teach them to do all of this with the utmost respect of others.


Coach Recruitment/Development

  • Consistently recruit and develop enough coaches at all levels who share our Core Values and believe in our Purpose
  • To continually have enough competent coaches to support all players and teams at all skill levels

Volunteer Recruitment and Development

  • To recruit, develop and support volunteers whose values are aligned with NMBA Core Values
  • To have a succession plan in place for volunteers and Board Members


  • To have the financial resources required to support our kids and our programs

Player Development

  • To support the skill development of all our players at all skill levels

Safe and Supportive Environment

  • To continually develop conditions that will result in a positive on-field and off-field experience for players, coaches and umpires


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